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Are you planning a wedding in Goa and looking for luxury wedding photographer to cover your special celebration? Planning a Catholic wedding at the small chapel of Nossa Senhora on top of the hill in Margaon, or maybe a Honeymoon on the beach in south Goa? Sephi Bergerson is an international award-winning destination wedding photographer living in Goa and available to cover your wedding in the sunny state.

From the palaces of Udaipur to the beaches of Goa or the resorts of Thailand and the Maldives, Sephi Bergerson is sought after by a diverse and discerning clientele. Recognised widely as the best wedding photographer in India, his award-winning work has been featured in numerous major publications including Rangefinder Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and many more.

Whether your wedding is a small family affair in your home town, or at some exotic destination, we would love to hear from you.

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We are thankful, delighted and lucky to have met someone as talented, brilliant and sorted as you. Moments in life are a way to connect with people that give meaning to our existence. Thank you for being there.

Rajiv Kher - father of the groom - Aditya & Deveshi

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From the first day we met you I felt an instant connection warmth and love for you and Shefi and that was the most important for us as it felt totally natural and normal to have you at the wedding.

Natasha & Nick

Hi Sephi, I just wanted you to know that the wedding photos you took of my daughter and son-in-law are still making people “Ooooo! & Ahhhhhh!”. Just wanted you to know you are still making an impression 8 years later in Dallas, Texas!

Mother of the bride (Rohit & Jenn's Wedding)

I can not forget the moment and what you said to me at that time regarding the picture you wanted to capture for us forever. You are very sensitive towards your work. We can never forget the moments you captured for all of us. I am grateful to you forever.

Rokeya Quader (Mother of the Bride), Vidiya & Rezaul

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Luxury Wedding Photography For discerning couples in India & worldwide

In addition to his extraordinary coverage of luxury weddings, Sephi is a leading documentary and lifestyle photographer, and the author of the book ‘Behind The Indian Veil – A Journey Through Weddings in India‘ that explores the rich and beautiful traditions behind a wide range of Indian weddings.

When you commission Sephi for your wedding he creates the highest quality of work with no compromises. His commitment to outstanding photography and extraordinary customer service is his trademark, and he keeps his passport at the ready for one of a kind adventures and destinations weddings in India and around the world.

To see Sephi’s work we welcome you to explore his galleries and blog posts, and to visit his documentary photography website where you will find numerous examples of his commercial, travel, and fine-art photography.