Goa is known for its beaches, historic Portuguese-era churches and homes, its authentic sea-food cuisine, and especially the great party vibe. Couples from all over India and the world come to Goa for unique destination weddings in a pleasant, warm climate where there are endless things to do before, after, but mainly between the many events of an Indian wedding.

Sephi and his family have been based in Goa since 2010 and can tell you about the best restaurants, fun things to do in Goa with your guests in the days leading up to the wedding, and their favourite Goa wedding venues. Sephi and his wife Shefi (yes, yes) are also happy to help couples with guidance and tips on how to plan a Goa wedding.

If you’re planning a Goa wedding, a Catholic wedding at the small chapel of Nossa Senhora on top of the hill in Margaon, a small family affair or a destination beach wedding at one of the luxury replica watches resorts, we would love to hear from you!

You should also explore our other Goa weddings to get an idea of how we would photograph your special day.

Latest Goa Weddings from the blog

Goa wedding photographer

Dina & Carl

I met Dina and Carl a few months ago when they came to visit and finalise the arrangements for their...
857 SILK Sephi 20151106 2

Raahil & Pia (Part 2)

Last post was all about the first part of Raahil & Pia's stunning destination wedding in Goa; the Champaign lunch at the forest, the...
Destination Wedding Goa Park Hyatt  001 3

Raahil & Pia (Part 1)

destination wedding at park hyatt goa The season is back in Goa and the weather is great again. Time for...
goa wedding photography_vivek_sarah Sephi Bergerson-9

Sarah & Vivek

Being based in Goa it is a bit surprising that I actually do not get to cover a destination wedding in Goa all that...

Clayton & Ann

If you are planing a church wedding in Goa there are quite a few places to hold the ceremony. There is...
Linda and Jörg's wedding in Goa

Linda & Jöerg

Linda and Jöerg (pronounced like York) are both graphic designers based in Berlin and nothing about their wedding in Goa...
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Udit & Shivani

There are really only two kinds of weddings that happen in Goa: a traditional Christian church wedding or destination weddings. The first type...
Traditional Christian wedding in Goa

Analisa & Jaydev

When one thinks of a wedding in Goa it is very likely that the first thing that comes to mind...
Goa wedding photographer

Kevin & Jeannine

It was not what you would call a beach wedding in Goa, but we did make it to the beach...

Some people like me ...

“Our wedding album not only has pretty pics that we will cherish forever (sounds kinda cheesy) but also some crazy pictures we probably don’t want to remember, but are hilarious! It’s full of emotions and feeling rather than posed pictures. Thank you again for making us a great picture story telling book.” Natasha & Nick

“The photos were amazing. I cant thank you enough. Nobody in my family can stop talking about the pictures. I looked at the pictures on a 46 inch LCD screen. It looked like people would start jumping out. It's like reliving the most important day in my life over and over without the stress. More than the pictures, I feel like thanking you every time I see Shruti looking at the pictures. It makes her so happy. I really do owe you big time.”
- Vaibhav & Shruti

“This is some extraordinary work. You just knocked me off my feet! My heart is still smiling. Thank you so much brother! Respect!” - Sagar & Safalta