Aditi and Aditya’s wedding in Jaipur was quite a spectacle and the venues were most probably the most beautifully decorated I have ever seen. When we arrived for the Mehendi event at the Jai Mahal Palace on the first morning, it really felt like coming to a photographer’s Disneyland. The palace garden was beautifully decorated, the local Rajasthani folk dancers were captivating. Indian traditional musicians playing Rajasthani tunes to the delight of the guests who happily cooperated and presented a serious competition to the professional dancers. Even a couple of elephants were there for the enjoyment of the guests who wanted to take a short ride while others were enjoying the delicacies served in the shade of the colorful Shamiana tents. What a delight.

The evening Sangeet party was even more impressive with a colourful lighting and live performance at the Sisodia Rani Gardens outside of Jaipur but this was only the appetiser for the actual wedding to take place the day after at no other place but Jaipur City Palace!

The Wedding at Jaipur City Palace

The actual wedding took place at Jaipur’s City Palace, the former seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur. The greatest part of the palace complex located in the heart of Jaipur city and incorporates an impressive and vast array of courtyards, gardens and buildings, is still the royal residence. I’ve been to Jaipur many times before but following the groom’s baraat procession, red carpet, elephants, horses, flag bearers, lights and music band was the closest I ever felt to actually experiencing the grandeur of this incredible place. The wedding took place at one of the large palace courtyards and was followed by a grand dinner that lasted into the night until the very emotional vidai ceremony and the departure of the newly wed couple. Definitely a wedding to remember.

Sephi Bergerson


  • the image with paper windmills at the backdrop looks amazing… beautifully captured..

  • dear sephi,

    more and more i believe that your eyes are the eyes of an artist and the real art is to capture what you see in pictures, pictures that we noneternal people can only then see.
    so…i love your eyes…

  • These are absolutely beautiful. The emotion ad colours are stunning. I feel very “there” viewing the photographs. Great work.

    • Thank you Trudy. This is what all photographers try to achieve and I’m glad you feel that I have. Cheers

  • Fantastic again sir,, your website is like a photography school for me, i don’t copy the style but i learn lot from your experience, the way you capture the emotions….Very very nice color this time and superb framing…

    Atul Pratap Chauhan

      • this is the most colorful of all the weeding shots i have seen of yours

        learnt a lot from your website,

        tomorrow ie 25 Dec i am going to shoot a friends wedding who is a surd (sardar) and will be a day affair some special tips for that

        eagerly waiting for your reply

        Madhur Mangal

        • Thank you Madhur. I hope you are getting good pictures at the wedding today. Sorry I could not reply earlier but these are my last couple of days in Delhi before leaving and I am simply swamped with work.

  • WOW, this is the most colorful wedding shots of all your weddings

  • These are the most fantastic Indian wedding photographs I have ever come across. Absolutely breadth taking!
    Am eagerly awaiting the Part-II of this saga! Please upload!

    • Thank you Sumedha. I actually have a reason why the blog has not been updated lately. I’ve relocated to Goa and being a rural area I still do not an Internet connection at the office. This might still take another couple of weeks but I will update and upload the second part as well as many other posts. Thanks for following me. Sephi

  • Great photos! Beautiful Wedding! Please upload the part 2 of the wedding soon

    • Thank you Neeha. I’ve moved out of Delhi and my office still has no internet connection so blog updates did not really happen for a while. I’ve also been very busy with the renovation of the new house so please be with me a little longer. there are many new weddings to upload and I will do that very soon. cheers

  • amazing pictures………d colors are so real nd bright!

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