Priya and Jayten are based in London but Thailand was a lot warmer and appealing. The JW Marriott Resort in Khao Lak is where they chose to lure their friends and family for their destination wedding, and what a wedding this was. This endearing, sweetest, funny as can be couple were just too much fun to be around, and are definitely one of the funniest couple I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. We quickly established that they are not the kind of couple who would pose for those super sweet pictures, and that I was not going to ask them to do it.

Phuket wedding photography At JW Marriott Khao Lak

Promises are one thing, and reality could be different. We did end up going out of sorts. It was after a late night of dancing and drinking on the last day there when I dragged them to the sea at 6 am. Jayten must have hated me that morning. IÔÇÖm not even sure if he was awake when he got in the water that morning. We managed to get some nice shots but of course they got washed by the waves and managed to crack up about this as well. This was so much fun ­čÖé

There was a lot going on on those three days in Thailand. From the evening fire show and after-parties, to a great pool party and massage stations, to the tuktuk procession and the best men on bikes, to the gorgeous wedding on the beach. This super fun couple went through their wedding event as if it was an amusement park ride. Just the way I like it.

Photo Agency: SILK PHOTOS
Lead Photographer: Sephi Bergerson
2nd Photographers: Sunny Pariani
Cinematography: Doodle Studio
Venue: JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa, Phuket
Outfits credit: Sonas Haute Couture

Sephi Bergerson is an international destination wedding photographer represented worldwide by SILK PHOTOS. Sephi is based in India and has extensive experience of covering weddings all over India and south east Asia. He is available to cover your wedding in Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin or any other location in Thailand and worldwide.

Sephi Bergerson