The Leela Palace hotel was the stunning backdrop for Nikhil and Pooja’s wedding in Udaipur. It was a small and intimate family affair but nonetheless amazingly beautiful. For such a small wedding I was not supposed to have a problem making a tight selection of images for the blog but even after selecting only thirty I still feel that there are many pictures I would have liked to include in this post.

The location is of course incredible for a destination wedding and the views of Lake Pichola seen from every room are just the thing you want to see when you wake up in the morning. The wedding was fun right from the start. The first day, long and packed, started with Pooja’s mehendi, continued with Nikhil’s Ganesh pooja (which ended up with him and his brother being thrown in the pool outside the suite), followed by the mehendi in the inner courtyard and an evening dinner reception on the lawns. Traditional rajasthani dancers and Kawali singers added the colorful background music.

The morning functions started early as the wedding was supposed to be over by a certain hour but as it always is in India, time is a very fluid concept and everything was more than an hour late. The barat procession eventually started and although no horse or elephant were there for Nikhil to ride, it was no hindrance to the dancing party.

The wedding itself took place at the guava orchard facing the lake and was followed by a lunch after which everyone, exhausted from the long first day, simply collapsed and went to sleep. These are the moments that I always kick myself for forgetting my swimming costume at home. Seriously, I think I must add this to my packing list now.

We had about an hour on the morning of the last day before I had to leave for the airport and we used it to step outside the hotel to take some fun pictures. Some people feel very comfortable in front of the camera and some do not but I think that we managed to keep this morning session fun and relaxed and came out with great pictures that I have a feeling Nikhil and Pooja will not forget so easily.

From India Pooja and Nikhil went on and had another great party, this time a wedding at the Lanesborough Hotel on Hyde Park Corner in London. Go ahead and check out the beautiful images from the wedding in London by Mark & Marianne.

Sephi Bergerson


  • I love the picture where groom is getting a dip in the water by his friends…The water in the next picture look so good too… All the pictures are fascinating…

  • Thank you so much for our gorgeous photos Sephi. We feel so lucky to have been able to have you as our photographer and to have such beautiful memories to cherish!

    • It was an absolute pleasure to be there with you guys. Thank you for having me as your photographer 🙂

  • What lovely photos Sephi but where is the brides father?

    • An honest mistake that is now rectified. I’m sorry but simply missed it while editing the post. Rest assured that there are plenty of pictures of the bride’s father in the final selection that has more than a thousand pictures.

  • Fab pics Sephi !!
    Nikhil is my cousin, and I couldn’t make it to the wedding but your pictures made me feel like I was there 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning images. I was lost in your world for the time…I truly admire your work, every time I visit your site and pick a gallery at random it never ceases to amaze me.


    Day weddings are anyway magical… What do u prefer most DAY or NIGHT. 

    • thanks for the comment Vivek. A day wedding would be probably easier to shoot but I’m not sure I prefer those as at night there is more play with light and shadow. I guess it is nice to have both as otherwise things would get boring 🙂

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